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  • 執筆者の写真石黒 ゆき

Welcoming Singapore family to my sushi class🇸🇬!!


The international guests of my sushi class in Sapporo and I really enjoyed a day together.🏠 They learned how to make decorative sushi rolls, Hokkaido branded beef syabusyabu, rice balls, and Wagashi(Japanese sweets) at the hands-on workshop.

They must be one of the best memories of their trip to Sapporo, and impress their friends in their home country.


Don't you just love authentic beautiful Japanese cuisine ”Washoku" ?

Washoku was added to the UNESCO Heritage list.

You can learn about Washoku from us who are the experienced decorative sushi roll instructors.

We welcome international guests to our Sushi Roll Preparation School in Sapporo.

We promise that your visit to our workshop will be one of the best memories of your trip to Japan.




飾り巻き寿司 → 上富良野和牛のしゃぶしゃぶ → おにぎり🍙 → 和菓子(煉切)





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