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Don't you just love authentic beautiful Japanese cuisine 'Washoku' ?

Washoku was added to the UNESCO Heritage list.

You can learn about Washoku from Yuki who is an experienced decorative sushi roll instructor.
We welcome international guests to our Sushi Roll Preparation School in Sapporo.
At our hands-on workshop you will learn how to cook decorative sushi rolls.
- 3 dishes along with miso soup.
- also how to decorate Bento in a traditional Shokado style.

You can enjoy your own bento after the class.
If you have any special dietary concerns ( food allergies, Vegan and Vegetarian etc. ) please inform us in advance.

At our class you will learn about the following...............

- Miso soup
at first how to make Dashi ( soup stock ) and then to make soup with homemade miso.

- Steam rice
how to prepare steam rice without using a rice cooker.

- Decorative sushi rolls
we will teach you this unique Japanese skill and when you return to your home country why not impress your friends ?
[ Options ]
* Hokkaido branded beef ( Biratori Wagyu, Shiraoi Gyu, etc ). ~ +2,800 Yen   
* Rice ball ( Onigiri ) lesson ~+1,800 Yen ( take away only ).
      You can learn how to make triangular Onigiri.

◎ English instruction and ingredients. 
◎ Apron rental for free.
◎ Free pick-up service at Makomanai subway station ( if required ).
◎ Recipes in English.

[ How to book ]
1. Please e-mail us your preferable date and we will reply to you very soon.
2. We will then send you an invoice through PayPal to confirm your booking.

We have 5 class plans.
➀ 1.5 hours ....... 5,200 Yen
We focus on making decorative sushi rolls.
( You can take away after your class. )
➁ 2.5 hours ...... 7,200 Yen
Decorative sushi roll preparation. In addition we will make one other dish ( please choose between Spinach with Sesame Seed Dressing or Rolled Egg Omelette ), vinegar rice, and miso soup.
➂ 3 hours ...... 9,200 Yen
Decorative sushi roll preparation. In addition we will make 2 other dishes [ please choose from Glazed Grilled Chicken ( 150 grms ), Spinach with Sesame Seed Dressing, and Rolled Egg Omelette ], vinegar rice, and miso soup.
④ 3.5 hours ....... 11,000 Yen
Decorative sushi roll preparation. In addition we will make 3 other dishes [ Glazed Grilled Chicken ( 150 grms ), Spinach with Sesame Seed Dressing, and Rolled Egg Omelette ], steam rice, vinegar rice, miso soup.
( See top of website for details. )
⑤ Wsgashi  .......  5,200 Yen
Do you know Wagashi ? It is a traditional Japanese sweets that has been around for over a thousand years. Among Japanese sweets, "Nerikiri" is delicate, beautiful, and has an elegant sweetness that even Japanese people don't have a chance to experience.
This is the only class in Sapporo where you can make it !!
☆The above times represent actual cooking time.
Please allow yourself about an additional 45 minutes. 
( A Japanese sales tax of 10 % will be included in your bill. )


[ What you get in your class ]
If you cancel 5-7 days before the class there is a 50 % charge.( within 4 days a 100 % charge ) There is no charge if you cancel 8 days or more before the class.
We are unable to accept responsibility for any injury at our workshop. Please ensure that you carry travel insurance.
Cancellation Policy
Our workshop is located 10 minutes by car from Makomanai subway station ( Nanboku line ) in the south of  Sapporo.
If you require free pick-up service, go out from the main exit of Makomanai subway station, cross the traffic light in front of you, and turn left please. I will be waiting for you there.
Then I will drive you to and from our workshop.
My car can hold 4 people. ( Children under the age of 6 cannot ride as my car does not have secure child seats. )
We promise that your visit to our workshop will be one of the best memories of your trip to Japan.



The pink vinegared rice we make is colored with beetroot. So it has a completely natural pink color and is very healthy !!

Sushi Roll DESIGN Workshop
Yuki Ishiguro

Ishiyamahigashi, Minami-ku, Sapporo-city, Hokkaido, Japan   〒005-0850
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